About Us
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About the Company

“Our goal is to bring you only the Essentials from Seed to you!”

Seed and Essentials designs products which will focus on relieving your symptoms as well as target the root cause of the symptoms you are experiencing.


We believe that nature offers us many solutions to our skin and/or hair issues in the forms of oils and butters. For this reason Seed and Essentials will use nature’s finest when designing their products.


Less is more, therefore, our products only contain the essential nutrients needed for your health.


Our goal is to bring you only the Essentials from Seed to you!

About the Owner

“I no longer feel uncomfortable in my own skin, rather, I embrace and cherish my skin.”

My name is Linda Kwarteng. I was born in Germany and moved to the Netherlands in my early years. My roots are in Ghana, West-Africa.


I remember going from smooth skin to irritated skin after moving to our new house. Unfortunately, as we couldn’t find the right treatment it progressed into eczema.


I had so many questions:


  • why has the skin changed abruptly?
  • is this a newly developed allergy?
  • does location play a role?
    • why is my skin smooth during holidays to Ghana and as soon as I land on the airport in Netherlands my skin starts to acts up?
  • could it be a change in diet? Or the water?
  • was the skin irritation always present and needed a trigger to surface? If so, what was the trigger?
  • what can I do to go back to the smooth skin I used to have.


These were many questions I had each time my skin would flare up. Some questions were answered by means of allergy tests and other case studies. Diagnosis: certain skin types are known to be drier than others.
Prescription: petroleum jelly and hormonal creams.


After many years of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, the eczema disappeared. The questions I had disappeared to the back of my mind until I became a mother and gave birth to my 2 sons. They too were suffering from irritated skin almost progressing to eczema.

I was baffled to learn that the diagnosis and prescription was the same as mine 15 years ago.


I was not satisfied with the standard diagnosis and prescription. This is when I started doing research into using nature’s finest to help our skin. I found a Cosmetic Formulator who understood me right away and the Multi-Purpose Jelly was created.


I am really happy with this jelly. It is clean and simple. It focusses on both the inner as well as the outer layer of the skin. It is safe to use for the entire family, vegan and 100% natural.


I no longer feel uncomfortable in my own skin, rather, I embrace and cherish my skin.


My hope is that the will also feel as happy and relieved as I do with this product.


Much love,