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To Slug or Not to Slug?

Have you heard of this K-beauty skincare trend? All over the net we see people slathering petroleum based jelly over their face.
You might wonder if it is something you should try.
Before answering that question let's first understand what it is and what the pros and cons are.

Slugging is a skincare trend that promises to lock moisture in the skin, resulting in a deeply hydrated and softer skin.

The process is done by applying a heavy occlusive product like Vaseline on top of the other skincare serums and moisturizing lotions right before the beauty sleep at night.

The texture of the heavy layer of the product could be compared to the mucus of a slug, hence, the name of the process: slugging.

The heavy layer seals the skin barrier. Meaning that it let's nothing in or out. Think of the water in the skin, the barrier prevents water loss, thereby, increasing hydration. Awesome right? But wait, what about the skin’s process to get rid of dirt?
The heavy layer traps dead skin cells and oils, clog pores and this can result in acne or worsen acne. Let's not forget your pillow, this method could be messy.

So if you are considering to slug, then it will be good to understand the following:
- your skin type: Do you have dry, dehydrated, sensitive or oily skin?
- the environment you live in: Do you live in a cold, hot, humid or dry climate?

Though this process may work for some people, it might be worthwhile to look for other alternatives with all the pros and minimum-to-no cons.
For example sleeping masks or overnight mask. A good mask will act as a sealant, nourish, hydrate and help repair and rejuvenate the skin. As a bonus it gives you the relaxed spa feeling at home. How does this sound?

So to circle back to the question: to slug or not to slug?
The choice is of course yours. If you are considering to slug, best to test it once or twice to see how your skin reacts.
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