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Question: I love the jelly! Will you produce bigger quantities?

Answer: Thank you very much. Yes, the plan is to produce different quantities.


Question 2: Why did you choose Chia Seed?

Answer: Thank you for your question.

Chia Seeds are considered to be one of the Super Foods, and, rightfully so. Chia Seeds are good to consume and good for the skin too. Seed & Essentials wants to create skin care products highlighting Super Foods.


Question 3: I have noticed that the jelly absorbs well into my skin. How is that possible?

Answer: Excellent observation!

Chia Seed oil is considered a drying oil. It doesn’t leave the skin oily when used.


Question: Is the jelly made for a specific skin type?

Answer: The jelly was created to help alleviate dry skin, regardles of age or skin color.


Question: I have sensitive skin. Can I use the Jelly?

Answer: Yes, the jelly is safe for people with sensitive skin.


Question: Are you working on a new product?

Answer: Good question! We have some ideas, so stay tuned!