After many years of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, I finally decided to start my own skincare line

The products are for people who struggle with dry and dehydrated skin like me and are constantly looking for better products which actually work.

Linda's Story

My name is Linda Kwarteng Frimpong and I am the founder and owner of Seed & Essentials.

Born in Germany, moved to the Netherlands and originally from Ghana, Ashanti region.

From a young age my skin went from smooth to irritated, to dry and eventually eczema. I was very conscious of my skin condition and covered it up.

I remember going to the doctor with my mom, desperate, as we simply could not find the right products. Always expecting a new solution, but I already knew what
the doctor would tell my mom:

  • Diagnosis: certain skin types are known to be drier than others.
  • Prescription: petroleum jelly and hormonal creams.

Now I am a mother with 2 boys, and I find myself also expecting new solutions for their dry skin, but many years later the doctor had the same diagnosis and same prescription. This was my trigger and Seed & Essentials was founded.

Seed & Essentials profile

Company name: Seed & Essentials

One-liner: Simple Natural Skincare

Difference with other brands: No secret ingredients, focusses on multiple skin layers, targets the root cause
and symptoms of dry and dehydrated skin.

Result of founder: Now, I can finally embrace and cherish my skin.