A Poem for my Dear Skin

A Poem for my Dear Skin

Dear Skin, my lovely Skin,
I am grateful for you.
Thank you for growing with me:
When I streched, you streched. When I grew in weight, you did not judge. When I lost the kilo's, you stayed close and tight around me.
Thank you for always being on the mend for me:
With every scrape, cut and tear, you have been my bandit. No matter the size and with every damage, I have always been able to count on you.
Thank you for always renewing yourself:
You constantly renew yourself from within to cope with the trials I face outside.
Thank you for being my bodyguard:
Everyday, without a sigh, you have filtered what comes in and what must stay out.
Thank you for being humble:
Even though you are the largest organ of my body, you never acted superior. You are vitally important, but
easily taken for granted.
All in all, I want to thank you for being on this journey with me:
You have endured and adapted yourself throughout the seasons, climates and stresses of life.
You may not be as quick as you used to be, so I promise you that I will do my part by caring and nurturing you with the right products.
Psalm 139 : 14 - I praise you because in an awe-inspiring way I am wonderfully made. Your works are wonderful, I know this very well.
Much love,
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Thank you for sharing.


Aawh what a beautiful letter to our skin. Really shows how passionate you are about your craft. Keep moisturizing us girl in creams and potions and in words and deeds.


This poem is so touching! It makes me realize how important my skin is and that I should appreciate it more.


Nice one


Our skin is all beautifull in its own way. This is written very pretty.
Greetings from Jen

Jennifer B

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